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 Information on Selkie

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Ard Banríon

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PostSubject: Information on Selkie   Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:37 am

Briscoe and I have been writing Selkie for a while and this is the information we play off of. If any are interested.

How Selkie Were Created

Back in the dark days, the gods became unhappy with humans. They were cruel to each other, crueler then they were today, and they forgot about the gods. Except one group of peoples that lived on the shores of northern Ireland. They still believed in the gods and worshiped them day and night. They were also a group of healers, priests, bards, and scholars.

The gods originally wanted to destroy all of man. Take them as a waste of their time. So Manannan mac Lir, the god of the sea and ocean, prepared to wash humans from the planet. But Danu and Lugh saw and remembered the clan of peoples that did still worship them. To save them from Manannan mac Lir, they turned the whole clan into a clan of seals. Protecting them from the waters.

The waters didn't kill all the humans, but it did remind them of the power of the gods. So the humans returned to the gods embraces and became faithful again. The Clan that Danu and Lugh saved kept the ability to change forms as they willed, to become seal or human. And that is how the selkie were created.

Selkie Coloring

Brown: Bards/Muses, they also feel the call of the ocean the strongest. Prefer to live near or on the ocean. (AKA Briscoe and most likely Faolan)

White: Priests, feel the call of the land. They are the connectors to what the selkie were. Can live on land or near the ocean it doesn't matter to them. (AKA Jenibelle and Bebinn)

Gold: Healers, feel the call of the ocean. They are the doctors and midwives of the selkie. Prefer to live near the ocean. (AKA Eowyn)


Gray: Schlars, feel the call of the land the strongest. They are the keepers of history and the gathered knowledge of the selkie. Prefer to live on land. (AKA Quinn and Ronan)

If anyone has any more thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Information on Selkie
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