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 The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453]

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The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453] Empty
PostSubject: The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453]   The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453] I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2011 10:44 am


The woods looked like they did when the gods healed her. The day the brought her back from the dead. She felt the elements come to her call as that moment. The wind started to pick up and move through the leaves as she heard the rain start to fall and lightening cracked like celestial fire in the sky as the earth shook. With her mind she settled the elements. "Hello?" She called out softly. Dark eyes moving over the trees. There was an ambiant light that sufused the area around her.

She stilled her heart as she looked around. Every time Danu or Lugh brought her here it was always calming. "Well ... well ... well ... aren't you the beautiful one." With a tilt of her eyebrow she turned around to face a god she never met before. He was beautiful in an earthy way. Strong lines of his jaw and body. His blond hair almost glowed in the soft light. She turned to face him fully. "However ... you are pregnant." His deep voice almost sent shivers down her spine. The sound made her feel more alive. More whole.

"I'm not sure how this is a bad thing." She spoke simply as her hand moved over the bulge of her twins. Her little suns. A soft smile crept over her face before being startled out of the thought as the man placed his hand on her belly.

"They are healthy and strong. Just like their mother." The man grinned at her then before Jenibelle could speak he continued. "My family ... my people have a need." He took a deep breath and stepped back. "I am Dian Cecht ...." Jenibelle nodded as she listened to him. "Our people ... need help taking care of this isle. We need your help."

Jenibelle bowed her head. "My life is for the protection of the people." She looked back up at Dian. As he pressed a bag into the palm of her hand. Her eyebrow raised in question as Dian Cecht spoke to her and imparted upon her what she needed to do.


And just as suddenly as she was in the woods she was standing outside the tavern looking in to see Keelie alone.
"You will know who to help when you see them." She laughed softly as the god had pegged it. With soft feet she slipped into the tavern. With a few movements she sat next to her friend.

"Hello Keelie." She spoke with a smile as she reached for her flask, now filled with juice. With a slight swallow she was unsure on how to continue.


Another night in the tavern, or was it day? Time seemed to slip away from her occasionally, or more specifically, today. After so many had left, the taverns were quiet once more. It seemed to leave her a bit too much time to think, to remember. Erich, her son would be...a quick count on her fingers left her catching her breath in sorrow. Ten soon..he'd be ten. And he would probably never know the glory that Ireland was. Kira, her light and joy was a waif-like two, and startlingly smart. Children were a joy and a blessing, and she wanted more, but apparently it wouldn't be. The damage her body had taken so many years ago made conception difficult. Kira was a miracle in many ways. Perhaps some day...

Her gaze shifted to the window of the tavern, watching the dance of clouds over the skies. There was so much life out there that it took her breath away. How in the world could anyone not love the vicious beauty of this place? Perhaps...perhaps the Gods were still out there, that they never listened to her pleas before because she wasn't in Ireland? Meh..who knew.

Starting as Jen entered, she quickly pasted a smile onto her face, crumbs from her cookie brushed away. Pretend to be happy, and soon you will be was something she believed in. It was lovely to have Jen, Briscoe and their gang in town again. They helped bring life back into the quietness. Soon as Jen sat, she snuggled up. Always willing for a good snuggle, she smiled a bit more genuinely before offering a cookie to her. "Hallo, my are you?"


"I am doing well my snickerdoodle." She laughed as she hugged Keelie tightly. Jenibelle watched the other woman's eyes. She was thinking about the little people she couldn't be around. Jenibelle if she could, almost wished that Keelie could carry one of the twins she held. Just so the woman could feel that closeness again. A warm woman like Keelie made a great mother.

Her hand passed over the pouch she had been given. In the pouch were seeds. That if taken freely they would spring into children and heal the woman carrying that child. Jenibelle had five such seeds and her heart told her Keelie would be a woman for one of the seeds. "Can we go for a walk hun? The twins don't seem to like me standing right now."


Laughing at the nicknames, she couldn't help it. Cupcake and Snickerdoodle. Such silly nicknames, but it would bring a smile to almost anyone lips and eyes. Her hand gave a moments caress to the bulge of Jen's belly, admiring the growth. "Well that is wonderful to hear. If we keep saying that though, I am bound to want more cookies, and I think I have had enough for tonight."

She nodded to the plate that had a dozen or so little shortbread cookies, now reduced to crumbs. Rising to her feet, she dusted off her dress and hands, nodding slightly. "It's a beautiful time for a walk. I've been wanting to see if any wild thyme has sprung up along the fields, or perhaps some chamomile, and check the roses. Would that walk be good for you?"

Holding the door open, she waited at Jen's leisure, humming faintly under her breath. The tavern had been getting stuffy and close. She'd be glad to go out of doors again.


Jenibelle laughed as she walked out the door and waited for Keelie to catch up with her as the two women walked. She smiled as she enjoyed the setting sun on her face. "Kira is getting big ...." She smiled over at Keelie as she spoke. "So smart ... and beautiful." She grinned more.

"I just keep thinking about how big all my children are getting ...." She passed her hand over her belly as she thought of even the children unborn. "Ever think about having more?" She asked as more of a whisper.


Laughing, she skipped up, and slid her arm into Jen's. Summer was coming and the sun was letting her know that in no uncertain terms as it settled a bit less northwest, and slightly more southwest. Once she let someone into the walls she built about her heart, she had an overwhelming desire to express her joy in being with them physically. Hence, walking arm in arm with Jen. "Kira is a wonder to me. smart. I am glad of that..Our children will shape the world after we are gone, and I like knowing..." Her words trailed off, smiling faintly. "I think you know what I mean."

She plucked at a dried out stem of grass, and chewed on it's end, strolling along at an easy pace. The birdsong let her know that spring was well in place, and the birds were looking for mates. "I know..they grow so fast. I dream of more, but..." Shrugging, she sighed faintly, resting her head on Jen's shoulder a moment."With Shai away, I'm not likely to on my own, you know? I envy you yours, you know...


Jenibelle smiled and nodded unable to tell the woman with her that she would live much longer than her children did. It was not a thought she wanted to think at that moment. But as she hid in the shadows never growing older, it would be children like Kira and Keegan that would shape Ireland. "Aye ... I think we are ushering in a good generation." She smiled more as they continued to walk her skirts softly whispering against the grass.

She sighed softly. She knew Keelie's situation. Just as fully as the woman had spoken to her in the past about children. Jenibelle counted her blessings again that she had an easy time for the most part getting with child and carrying it full term. This life any way.

"You'll have more Keelie ..." a pause, "I know it. I think the gods wish for you to have another child."


Gently ushering Jen to a rock in a field, she felt the need to rest a moment, and take in the world around her. Large enough it would never be moved, the stone was solid, jagged, sharp one one side, chipped away by generations. The other was smooth, worn by time. "For the longest time...I felt like...I wasn't heard. That I could scream until I was hoarse, and still, my words would have no impact on any." Sitting on the smooth side, she sighed faintly, looking to the skies. "All I wanted was to be heard, and to be actually cared for."

Absently picking bits of grasses off her skirt, she half smiled. "Jen, why would the Gods wish for me to have another child? Especially knowing my....defects? And.." Sighing quietly, she pulled her legs up, resting her chin on her knees, "And the last one..I would love another child Jen."


Jenibelle pulled a seed out of the pouch in her pocket and held it out to the woman. It was round and smooth except for the intricate carvings of labarinths that crossed the outer shell. "Dion Cecht gave this seed to me ... he is the god of healing." She stated as her finger moved over the seed slowly and softly but never covering it from the other woman's gaze. "With this seed .... you will be healed .... and you will bear another child ... and be able to have more if you wish it." Jenibelle pressed the seed in Keelie's hand.

"The child will be very special ... and become a protector ...." Jenibelle watched Keelie as she spoke. "They will need training ... when they become old enough they will have to spend time with the gods or one the gods choose." She stopped as she felt like she was talking around the bush. "After their first birthday ... three months out of each year they could be parted from you for this training."

Jenibelle's dark eyes held Keelie's as she spoke urging the woman to under stand what she was offering. It had to be freely accepted. Without reservation.


A slight frown of confusion crossed her lips, wrinkled her forhead. A God...interested in healing her and having a child. Would wonders never cease? The carvings caught her gaze, making her eyes widen slightly as she watched it turn about in Jen's hand. You will be healed...the words drifted into her consciousness, bear another child. Could it be true? It was a seed, just a seed, and yet...

"Jeni...forgive me. I meant speak truly? This is no pretty lie to cause me to hope?" Blinking quickly, she did her best to wipe emotion, reaction off her face as fast as possible. The darkness of Jen's eyes meeting the storm-chased ones of Keelie's. Slowly, carefully, her fingers closed over the seed, keeping it safe, keeping it from harm. "This little...seed? How..What would I have to do?"

She pulled her hands close to her chest, cradling the seed carefully, protecting it as best she could. Her eyes would not leave Jen's face, darting from lips to eyes, to cheek and chin, looking for any sign of deceit and mockery. But seeing none there, she cautiously let hope start to dawn on her own..


"Why would I tease you in this way?" Her words were a whisper as she spoke. "I would never lie about you having another child." Jenibelle's hand moved and softly pressed it to Keelie's cheek. "Tonight ... when the moon rises over the horizon ... you swallow the seed." Her eyes looked more urgent as she saw the sun setting lower. "Then form a picture of a child in your mind ... focus on it .... The seed does the rest."

"Do you agree that the child will have to be trained? Willingly you will give that child for three months a year?" Jen watched the other woman.


Gasping at the touch, she nuzzled Jen's hand a moment. "I had to ask..." Seeing the anxiousness in Jen, she licked her lips, as she opened her hand to look at the prize held within. "All children need training, and though it will hurt to be parted, I willingly do this, to give the child up for three months of the year." Her gaze turned to watch the sun set, then she turned eastward, to watch the horizon there, whispering softly, "Guess I better lay in a supply of pickled vegetables..."

Her eyes scanned the sky till she could see the top of the moon, then waited longer still. Once the moon was fully in the sky, she opened her mouth, and swallowed the seed. She gagged slightly, due to her mouth being a bit dry from nerves. But swallow it she did, and closed her eyes as she thought, slowly shutting the world around her out as she concentrated.


Jen moved and stood behind the woman. Pressing up against Keelie's back her arms wrapped around Keelie. "What is hurt ... needs to be healed." She whispered as she hugged the woman tighter bracing her for what might happen. Dian was not very clear in what would happen next. "Whatever happens snicker doodle ... I got you."


Closing her eyes, she let herself be wrapped up in Jen's arms. Her face remained moon-wise, basking in the light cast upon the two women in the field. The wind ruffled the dry grasses and the loosened strands of their hair. Brown and blond curls danced on that breeze, with Keelie's cheek pressed against Jen's. With a slight whimper, she shifted a bit, almost as if testing how strong the other woman was. It had taken four big, strong men to hold her down that day. Her hands spasmed as they held onto Jen's, not having anywhere to go as the pain rippled through her body. Thankful for long skirts that hid, she panted as her eyes opened and watched the dark sky, sightlessly. All too soon, though, she simply writhed, as if her arms and legs were held in place, but not her body. She had bitten her lip till she bled, in the effort to muffle the sounds that would have passed them if she would have allowed it. But the scarring, the damage done to her body in the name of prevention, she could feel things changing. She wouldn't mention it to anyone for the world, but she knew then, that it would be much easier for her to get with child from then forward.

"Jen.."Her voice was a bit hoarse, and her body trembling. She had fought to not accidentally flail and hurt the other woman. So she contained herself as best she could. ""


"It's okay hun ... I'm here." Her arms tightened around the other woman as the wind picked up more whipping their hair around. Her eyes closed to protect them as she felt the lashing on her face. Jenibelle's arms were strong as she held Keelie tighter. "It will be all right .... just breathe ... breathe past the pain." She spoke to Keelie like a parent would speak to a scared child. "You are doing great." Jen whispered as she felt the wind dying down. Slowly her eyes opened to watch the moon finally set itself into it's place in the sky.

The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453] D0qW8fn

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PostSubject: Re: The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453]   The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453] I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2011 10:45 am


She laughed quietly, almost hysterically, her eyes closing tightly for a moment, hiding the shining light of the moon. Still giggling softly, she whispered, "Didn't we pick a place...blood the middle of a farmer's field." Limp, she slithered to the ground, her stockings and skirts already besmear with soil and blood, with bits of grasses and weeds.

"I'm thinking of spending the night here...for I haven't the energy to rise. But you should get indoors...get warm..." Looking to Jen, she couldn't help but slide her own hand over her abdomen, touching gently, hesitantly. Her thoughts skittered away, down rabbit holes and into worlds beyond, clearly distracted.


Some time later...

Saphiro nuzzled the still form anxiously. No movement. He danced around her body and pawed the ground. That he couldn’t get any reaction made him all the more nervous. Again he lowered his head and snuffled at her hair.


Something warm tickled her cheek… And smelled like hay. Hay? What…?

Slowly she began the ascent from unconsciousness, growing increasingly aware of the sharp pain in her head… The more aware she became, the more everything, especially her head, hurt.

The insistent nuzzling continued.

When she finally managed to pry her eyes open, everything was a blur. Eventually the looming black figure that wouldn’t leave her alone resolved itself into a horse. A very large horse. Of course, everything looks so much bigger when one is looking up from the ground. And it was very intently trying to get her attention.

With a supreme amount of effort, she managed to reach up awkwardly and touch the beast’s nose. It lipped at her fingertips in a seemingly affectionate way. She took the opportunity and clutched onto its bridle, pulling herself up into a sitting position.

Something hot oozed its way down the side of her face. She reached up with her free hand and rubbed at it, staring at her hand as it came away smeared with blood. Well, that explained why her head hurt like blazes… And why she had absolutely no recollection of… Anything. At all. Now that she was more alert and coherent, it dawned on her that she couldn’t remember anything about her whereabouts, how she’d gotten there or more importantly.. Who she was.

Abruptly she felt sick to her stomach. The horse must have felt her distress for it nosed at her gently again. She clung to its bridle, knowing that if nothing else, she had to find help.

She used the patient animal’s head and neck to get herself up right and eventually managed to wrestle herself up onto the saddle, trusting it to follow its instincts and bring her somewhere it knew… Strength spent, she slumped over the horse’s neck and drifted into a pain filled haze.


The cottage was great for temporary shelter. There was just enough space for everyone to have their own private space. Even for Aine who had seemed to join her household for the time being. As was her now routine Jen left the cottage on the beach and started her walk.

Her steps served as two things. Excersise for keeping her unborn babes healthy and to give her some time away to collect her thoughts. These were to be her last children born to her. But at least it was a better pregnancy than the last. Her hand lightly moved over the large round of her belly.

A familiar neighing sound brought her from her thoughts. Saphiro? She thought as she watched the horse come into better view. A load slumped on his back. With a scream she took off running towards the horse. "Maeve?!" She shouted.


Saphiro picked up his pace with the familiar sound of Jenibelle’s voice. She didn’t look quite right in his eyes but she smelled like the person he knew and that's all that mattered. To him, it meant home and safety. He came to a halt next to Jenibelle and nosed her hair, pawing at the ground nervously, trying to convey to her without words what had happened.


Hearing a name being shouted jolted her from her semi-conscious state. Vaguely she wondered how long she’d been slumped over the saddle.

When she looked up, she saw a very obviously pregnant woman running toward her with worry etched in every line of her face. She must have missed a few moments because the next thing she knew the lovely woman stood next to her. That… Is not good. As if any of this entire situation could be considered ‘good’. I can’t remember anything… Without realizing it, she’d spoken that last bit out loud.


Her heart almost stopped at Maeve's comment. "What happened?" She asked quietly as she started to pet Saphiro's large nose letting him know that she was going to take care of her sworn sister. "We need to get you help...." Her hands moved softly toward the other woman's face her eyes watching the blood. "Do you know how you got hurt?" Her voice was still quiet waiting for the other woman to answer.


She stared into the other woman’s face, now level with hers, and felt… Nothing. That didn’t concern her so much as she didn’t remember having gotten down off the horse. That even presently her memory was this disjointed nearly sent her into a blind panic. If not for the knowledge that it would only make matters worse, and that the strange woman seemed genuinely concerned for her, she’d have lost it right then and there.

“Nay… All I remember is waking up on the forest floor as you see me now, with this horse standing next to me,” she replied as calmly as she could, staring into the woman’s soft eyes, her own almost begging, Please help me… Fix this.


A frown pressed to Jenibelle's face as she watched her dearest friend question her own face. Even though the two of them had not seen each other in awhile, a good friend is still your friend even after you are a part. Her hand and eyes moved again to the cut on Maeve's head. It was already drying and the cut wasn't that deep. Just the head wounds were known to gush.

"Well you are healing ... or your head is anyway." She continued her words softly. "I am Jenibelle ... you are a friend of mine ... we are almost like sisters ....." She hoped that would trigger something but she didn't overly hope that it would. "You are Maeve and this wonderful gentleman," she motioned to the stallion, "is Saphiro. He goes with you every where and a very loyal steed."


She smiled falteringly at Jenibelle, watching the frown form on her face. Nothing she said triggered any sort of recognition so she had a hard time believing any of it. But she had no reason to lie to her, did she? Perhaps they were mortal enemies and she was taking advantage of a perfect situation. For a moment she eyed Jenibelle suspiciously and had to fight to keep from taking a step beck.

But there had to be some amount of truth behind Jenibelle’s words for the horse, Saphiro, she reminded herself, acted more than loyal. Even now he kept reaching back and nuzzling at her hand. Her words simply didn’t taste of a lie.

Nodding acceptance to Jenibelle, she licked her lips. “Pleased to meet you… Again. I’m sorry, Jenibelle, I don’t mean to be abrupt but I am about to collapse where I stand. Have you a home close where I may rest?” She sighed; she was so, so tired. And frightened. And she desperately wanted to remember who she was.


Jenibelle nodded as she reached out to balance the other woman. "I don't move very fast...." She motioned down to her large rounded belly where the twins were settled like two setting suns. "Saphiro ... go and gather Briscoe ... he can help out better with getting you to the cottage. Besides he's not with child." She tried to crack a joke but her heart was a bit sore.

Her friend/sister didn't remember her. The woman that she would go through the fires of hell and back. Maeve was dead once and Jen seemed to loose her again. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. But none of the above would work. Only patience would.

Saphiro seemed to leap at the suggestion before galloping off to the cottage. As if he had known all along where to find Jen since Maeve got hurt. "So ... we'll relax here for a bit ... that should help .... just no sleeping. I'm worried about that head of yours."


Watching Saphiro bound off supposedly to find ‘Briscoe’ was almost comical to her. Horses simply weren’t that smart, were they? She resisted the urge to scratch her head.

At that point her knees did buckle and she managed to keep herself from going totally face first into the ground, instead folding her legs up beneath her so she sat cross-legged with her arms draped atop her knees. Thought she still felt the jolt keenly throughout her abused body.

But it was Jenibelle that drew most of her attention. Watching the hurt that she seemed to be the cause of made her heart ache on top of everything else. “I promise I will try to stay awake… Perhaps talking will help,” again she tried to smile weakly and again it broke. “I… Am sorry I cannot remember you and that it is causing you pain.” Somehow she felt as if it were her fault.


The bandits watched that blasted horse gallop off. So long they’d searched for these women and finally found them. They thought they had the one called Maeve at one point but that Gods forsaken horse put up more of a fight than they expected, and it seemed a shame to kill it when breaking it would be so much more fun. It might even get them more money.

But now… Both Jenibelle and Maeve were there; alone and ripe for the picking. With one so far along with child and the other having absolutely no memory, it seemed almost too good to be true. Those two women had caused their master a great amount of trouble and they needed to pay for it.

With victory and reward within their reach, slowly they began closing in on the women.


Jenibelle shook her head. "It's not to be helped Maeve ... but we'll help you remember. Though I am sure there are parts you are glad you don't." She spoke more to herself as she used her wineskin full of water to douse a hankerchief and start to clean the blood off of Maeve's brow. She growned softly as the suns kicked as if a warning. With a hand she pressed them down. "Not yet little ones ...." She groaned as the kicks became more insistant.

Then a hand was pressed to her mouth with a cloth as she felt arms dragging her from her friend. With kicks she tried to get a way to bite. Anything but heavy with child she didn't move in the graceful swings she usually did. And with a low dull thud her world went black.


If she and Jenibelle were truly friends, she could certainly see why. Jenibelle’s gentle touch and calm voice helped steady her. “Was my life so full of heartache that it is better not to remember at all?” She asked quietly and let her eyes fall shut. Not to sleep but simply to let herself relax and rest.

That was a mistake. She couldn’t see the armed men moving toward them. They must’ve been closer to Jenibelle than herself because they got to her first.

Her eyes flew open when she felt Jenibelle begin to struggle. “No!” She shouted and lurched toward her friend. But her progress was stopped by burly arms. She kicked and even resorted to biting. That earned her a crack to the head similar to the one she already had and her body went as limp as Jenibelle’s.


Her vision was spotty when her eyes blinked open. The orange in the trees made her wonder how long had she been asleep. Fall? Her eyes blinked more as the twins kicked in her belly as if they were trying to wake her as well. A soft groan escaped her lips before she could bite it back.

Her hands were. After she took stock of herself. They were behind her. Bound tightly. With a hard pull she tried to loosen them but to no avail. The coarse fibers already rubbing her raw. Slowly she looked around.

Finding Maeve in a similar position facing her she lightly kicked at the other woman to wake her up. Hopefully she would be quiet.


Something hard hit her leg, several times. She woke slowly from unconsciousness, her eyes fluttering open, struggling to stay that way. Only partially recovered from the first blow to her head, and now trying to force herself into wakefulness a second time nearly made her laugh out loud. Why wouldn’t they just kill her and get it over with?

She tried to shift and found her movements hindered, hands tied behind her back and ankles together. She resisted the urge to tug at her bindings, knowing it would do no good. Biting back a gasp of pain, she lifted her head and blinked, trying to focus on something, anything.

Fresh blood ran down the side of her face and Jenibelle's form finally came into view. Instead of being scared as before, now she was angry. Seeing that kind, pregnant, woman restrained and abused that way made her want to cut someone's throat. Several, in fact.

That anger and malice glittered in her eyes as she nodded at Jenibelle, now knowing it was she who'd nudged her firmly enough to wake her.


Briscoe, Keegan, and Bebinn were working -- and playing -- in the house. The youngsters had been in a redecorating mood recently, and today they had decided to rearrange the master bedroom to accommodate their anxiously awaited siblings. That meant all the furniture had to be taken outside and aired, the walls and floor scrubbed, even the ceiling was wiped down.

They were sitting beneath a willow tree on lunch break when the strange horse broke into the clearing by the river. The lather-covered beast was stumbling along toward them, obviously worn out. Immediately their own horses galloped down to meet the new one. There was a flurry of snorts and tail-twitching and dancing ... then the resident steeds escorted the visitor toward their masters. Briscoe and the children were already moving downhill toward the horses. "Da, that's Saphiro, Maeve's horse!" Keegan was truly his mother's son, an expert at horses even though he still counted his age in single digits.

Briscoe's heart jumped into his throat. Maeve would not have deigned to send her horse to him, Saphiro must be looking for Jenibelle. But his wife had ridden out early today, as was her habit. Saphiro's presence here meant Jenibelle herself had sent him. And that was not a good sign. What had the two women fallen into now? Humans and horses met. Saphiro nuzzled Briscoe's chest while the resident horses leaned against Saphiro helping him stay on his feet. "What is it, boy? Is Maeve in trouble? ... Stuck in a deep well you say? ..." Briscoe struggled to make sense of Saphiro's signals.

Keegan punched Briscoe's arm, Bebinn frowned at her da and kicked his shin. She had also inherited her mother's horse sense, and some of her attitude. "Let us interpret for you" Keegan said in a perturbed tone. He and Bebinn held dialogue with Saphiro using sounds and gestures. "Da ..." they both glared at him. "Momma and Maeve are in deep trouble! Saphiro came to fetch us! We have to go rescue them!" The children looked to each other and shook their heads in shared amazement at how dense their father could be sometimes.

The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453] D0qW8fn

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PostSubject: Joint Posts by Briscoecounty, Maeve, and Jenibelle   The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453] I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2011 10:49 am

Thoughts flowed through her mind as she watched the anger fill Maeve's eyes. For a moment she cherished the emotion. Jenibelle and Maeve were similar in someways. Neither woman took kindly to being kidnapped. Nor were either woman the type to take it laying down.

Well except that she woke up laying down. Her body complained fromt the hard ground unforgiving especially one of her condition. "We'll get out of this." She mouthed at Maeve. Long ago, when she died the gods gave her control over the elements. Something she was going to have to take a lifetime to control. Her hands itched to burn through the rope. Worried that she might burn more than she intended she watched her friend. "Think you can get us out of these ropes?"


The men looked at each other as they planned. "Master never said what to do if one was with child." He kept his words nice as his eyes kept glancing to the women. Harder to see them in the dark. He had heard stories of what the two women had done to the master's wife.

"Keep your eyes forward. We kill them flat out." The older man stated as he chewed on a hunk of game. "We take them to the master and we kill them in front of him so he can know we done it." The younger man looked back at the two women again.

"They .. are going to kill us before we will make it." He frowned as he hurriedly finished up his dinner.


Could she get them out of those ropes? The better question was, could she manage to stay upright and not black out? Two blows to the head in who knew what amount of time…

She licked her lips and nodded to Jenibelle. “I will try,” she whispered, tugging at the ropes and finding them a bit loose.

But she waited until it sounded like most of the camp had bedded down for the night. The fact that it had been daylight before they’d been taken and night had fallen when they woke up… She didn’t really want to think about that. It wasn’t really a pleasant thought.

When the camp had been silent for a while, she began to struggle with the harsh rope binding her arms behind her back. It bit into her skin and she had to clench her jaw tightly to keep from making any noise. Eventually she managed to her wrists unbound but her arms and shoulders ached from the effort, not to mention the burning from the raw skin of her wrists.

She ignored the protesting of her own body and began working on the rope around her ankles. They simply didn’t have the time to spare. Anger still burned like a fire within her; it helped her push past the pain.

Finally the rope binding her ankles fell free as well and she moved quietly as she could to start on Jenibelle’s wrists.

Bebinn took Saphiro to the stream to drink, then watched quietly as the horse rolled in the grass until he was cleaned. The little girl then brought the horse back to the stable and fed him.

With no idea what they might find, Briscoe and Keegan packed their standard travel gear. The loaded their own horses with fighting equipment; on the donkey they loaded sundry items for shelter, rescue, and general use.

When all was ready they mounted up -- Keegan on his horse, Briscoe and Bebinn on Balder, Laughter the donkey following on a lead. Keegan's dog Bernie was already scouting the perimeter, returning regularly to check on his young master. As dusk began to cover this part of the world the children sent Saphiro at at trot to lead the way.

Her dark eyes watched Maeve just as much as she watched the men as they settled down for the night. All of them avoiding looking in their direction. Their voices were even quiet and hushed as if they were trying to ward off demons or bad spirits. If she saw another one of them cross themselves she thought she might scream. Her body toggled between anger and fear. What did her getting knocked out do to her unborn? And if those men harmed her babes she was going to see some blood spilt.

As she kept her vigil her hands continued to try and work through the knots with no avail until Maeve helped her. “Please tell me you remember how to fight if we need to aid in our escape?” She whispered to her friend as she worked her ankles and wrists watching the men now sleeping. “Cause … things never go smoothly for either of us. Not usually anyway.”

At Jenibelle's question of her remembering how to fight, she felt shame well up inside her. Why? Because from how it sounded she should know and she didn't. Even if Jenibelle herself had formidable combat skills, the fact that she was so heavily with child would greatly hinder her abilities and may

actually cause damage to the unborn babes. Quietly she shook her head. "That is not very encouraging, Jenibelle."

Jenibelle laughed at the comment her voice staying low. It was the laugh of the frustrated. One that saw the situation they were in and couldn’t see an outcome. Her hand moved over her enlarged belly as she thought her fingers slipping into the pockets she had sewn into the folds of the skirts.

With a start she felt the leather thong and pressed further into her pocket to pull out a small leather pouch. The seeds. Her eyes looked up at Maeve with some hope. But to heal her it was going to be a grave change in the other woman’s life. “I have these seeds.” Her voice was soft as she found her words lame and not really up to the task of the importance of what the seeds truly was. “Seeds that were handed to me by the gods … they can heal you. You will be able to remember.” Her eyes searched the other woman’s face.

She watched the woman's hand trail down over her stomach and drift down, coming back with the pouch. The sudden hope flaring in Jenibelle's eyes made her suddenly wary. She raised a shapely brow and regarded Jenibelle with a look of both suspicion and hope shimmering in her own eyes.

Was it possible? Truly?

That something so small could give her life, her memories, back... It seemed unreal. If they didn't get out of the situation they were in now there would not no life for either of them regardless. But, thought she remembered nothing of her life and who she was, she did know that the gods did not give freely.

"At what cost?" she asked Jenibelle softly.

Jenibelle nodded and watched the other woman as she spoke. “You’ll be with child … a child that will need to be raised to protect Ireland and her people. A very special child. Make no mistake about that … the choice is yours Maeve. It is a gift that needs to be accepted freely.” Her voice was even as she kept the volume down. There were still sentries running around the camp at a distance to protect those asleep around the fire. They couldn’t afford to get caught now.

“You know how to fight and defend … we fought together … which is probably why they kidnapped us ….” Her eyes moved over the fire. Parts of her wondering if she should bring up the loss of Kyra but would that bring up more fear and hurt than what was needed. “This would be a babe that wouldn’t get sick.”

She blinked that slow blink that someone does when they are thinking very, very hard about something and still not quite comprehending it. Her mind was a flurry of questions that she desperately wanted answered and this might be the only way. But a child? Somewhere deep inside her being she felt a distant longing.

The world narrowed to that small pouch in Jenibelle's hand. Funny how such a tiny thing could make her feel so much fear and hope all at once. She knew the woman wasn't telling her everything...

Distance voices alerted sent her eyes searching the almost murky darkness surrounding them. They sentries were coming around. They were running out of time and they had to get out of this. She looked back down at Jenibelle and nodded her acceptance.

Jenibelle nodded and handed the woman a seed before she moved and looked around for a weapon carefully. Quietly. Hoping for at least a dagger. With a quiet voice she neared the horses. Maybe a sword or a bow would be available. Finding a bow and a club she walked back on silent feet to Maeve. “Remember how to use this?” She asked as she motioned to the club.

She took the seed from Jenibelle and ate it quickly as the other woman went in search of weapons and felt... Nothing. Maybe it took a while. She waited with her heart pounding in her ears for something... Anything! Nothing came. Panic welled up inside her like a very real, touchable thing.

For the second time that day, yet again, her knees threatened to give out on her. Then she heard Jenibelle's whispered voice at her shoulder. With that panic evident on her face even in the uncertain light, she looked at her friend. She shook her head in a jerky negative, afraid she may lose the self control she had if she spoke.

Jenibelle’s eyes searched her friend’s features. “Oh gods above and all around; one symptom at a time?” She let out an exasperated sigh. “You lost a child … a year or so back. Her name was Kyla. A beautiful girl of sun and hope.” The loss understandably shook her friend. Wrinkling her nose she heard the sentries coming closer. “Want twins?” She made the comment half light heartedly and half seriously. They needed to get out and in her condition the club was not going to be the best weapon for her to wield. Her hand holding out a second seed.

Hearing Jenibelle cursing chased the panic back a bit; and then she went on telling her Kyla and she could only listen numbly. Oh, she thought stupidly.

"Twins?" she asked weakly. Well, why not? How could things get any worse? The sentries could find us both untied and have another repeat. That decided her. She took the other seed from Jenibelle and ate it as well.

…And Maeve’s entire life replayed in her mind’s eye. It went quickly, only slowing on the parts that were important to her.

A little Maeve stood on still sometimes wobbly legs, tugging at her sister Xarine’s skirts, wanting to go out and play.


Their maid screaming in pain as a raider ran her through. Maeve stayed hidden, petrified with fear, in the small place Xarine had tucked her. She heard her sister’s protests as the men captured her. After what seemed like hours later, Maeve emerged from her hidey hole to find her life torn apart.


A few years later Mother and Father gave Maeve her two huge black cats, Balor and Danu. She was ecstatic. They spend the rest of the day playing together.


Her parents taught Maeve everything they knew. Mother did her best to teach her little girl how to be a lady but she was more interested in her Father showing her how to fight.


Mother had the sickness of the lungs. The young adult Maeve stood over her mother’s wasted body and promised she would carry on; that she would care for Father after Mother passed on. “It is time,” her Mother whispered and then she was gone.


Months later Father followed Mother. Despite Maeve’s best efforts Lucas refused to hold on any longer. She strongly suspected that when Kyla died, so had he. She buried him next to her Mother out behind the house and marked the other grave with a small headstone. From that day on Maeve carried her father’s dagger with her.


For a number of years Maeve lived alone in that big house with her cats, not caring to venture out beyond for the things she couldn’t make or grow herself. Nothing too eventful happened in those years.


Maeve saw Valefor’s face in the crowded tavern. He offered her that lopsided smile and proceeded to charm her to the best of his ability. It took a while but eventually she warmed to him.


Q stood opposite the bare wooden room sparring room from her. The danced a deadly dance together, each scoring hits on the other from time to time. They finally both ended up sprawled and breathless on the floor, laughing at one another.


Xarine came home to Maeve. First she did not know her sister for they had been separated as such a young age. As Xarine explained what happened, her memories returned to her in a flood of hugs and tears.


Jenibelle’s arms closed around Maeve and she hugged her sworn sister in return. Keegan wiggled his way between the two, wanting his share of the affection. Maeve loved that little boy as if he were her own.


The tri-cornered hat was a bit large on her and kept trying to fall over her eyes. Porcina, Q and she were trying to sneak away from Aqueron’s utterly destroyed home. They didn’t quite make it… Aqueron caught them and lifted the hat with the tip of his toward. Maeve greeted him with a mischievous grin.


Mitsuhide’s lips touched hers. It felt strange because even though she’d left Valefor, she still loved him.


A messenger brought Mitsuhide’s sword back from the battlefield. Maeve dropped to her knees with grief. Valefor came and wrapped his arms comfortingly around her.


“If you love him, trust him,” Jenibelle told her.


Valefor knelt before her with his heart in his eyes and a ring in his hand, asking for her hand in marriage. “Yes,” she told him and kissed him like he was the air and she would breathe him in. Everything was right.


Maeve lay in the bed with her head in Xarine’s lap, Valefor at her side, surrounded by the rest of her close friends; Jenibelle, Q, Aqueron, Sirlarkin, Ancev, Kokami. Everyone that mattered to her stood silent with heartbreak written all over their faces. One moment she was there and the next she wasn’t.


She awoke screaming to the first home she came to, beating on the door, in desperate need of help. Bella answered; Maeve saw Bella’s face as the woman ran her hand over the small bulge on Maeve’s abdomen. “You’re pregnant,” she whispered.


“You’re supposed to be dead,” Valefor said and then he ran from her and the raging inferno of Maeve’s home. She’d burned her home, trying to chase the memories away.


The dirk plunged through Maeve’s side and pinned her to the tree. Maeve’s body jerked in pain. The man yanked her hood down and she stared into Aqueron’s face, which had gone deathly white. “Maeve…” They hadn’t known who the other was while they fought. He unpinned her from the tree and brought her swiftly to Jenibelle’s home. Her greeting was none-too friendly.


“Let’s be a family,” Valefor told her and wrapped his arms around her. For the first time in ages, Maeve felt almost like her old self. He’d just rescued her from her idiotic ride in the forest where her horse had broken its leg and thrown her. They hadn’t seen one another since he ran from her that day.


Ceatharlach was a chance for a new beginning. The whole family moved there; Xarine, Jenibelle and the kids, herself, Valefor and their daughter Kyla. That little girl meant the whole world to Maeve.


Kyla’s body lay too still in her bed. Maeve’s scream of grief and the sound of her soul shattering could be heard forever. She’d bade her farewell to Valefor soon after. Seeing his face and in turn Kyla’s every day simply hurt too much.


Keelie found her half dead in the rain. Briscoe was there, too. They tried to help her, tried to keep her with them. She just didn’t care anymore.


She and Aqueron rode through the forest. His smile was infectious; it helped a little. They rode to the place were Maeve was ‘buried’ and she retrieved the sword he forged for her so long ago.


Keegan ran to her and she picked the not-so-little boy up, hugging him close to her. She looked at Jenibelle over his shoulder and saw that her friend knew she was trying but would never be the same again. Too much hurt; too many scars. She just didn’t have the will to live anymore. She loved her sworn sister and godchild but it wasn’t enough.


Xarine opened the door and smiled brightly at seeing her sister there. Maeve saw Draco peer around the corner. They spoke only briefly before Xarine excused herself for a moment; Maeve remounted Saphiro and galloped away, her sister’s “No!” echoing in her head.


The bandits ambushed her. Maeve did her best to fend them off but they were too many and she was just not good enough. A blow caught her across the head and knocked her from the saddle. Saphiro danced and kicked and lashed out with his teeth, defending her. Maeve had long enough to think, Everything will be alright, and then the darkness took her.

Maeve blinked and stared at Jenibelle. "Jen," she breathed.

Jenibelle blinked back tears as she heard her name from Maeve’s lips. With a movement awkward with the tools in her hands she hugged her sworn sister tightly. “It’s good to see you again … and I promise you the children you carry will be healthy.” She spoke sincerely and full of honesty. Jenibelle pulled back and looked Maeve in the eye, her dark eyes showing the truth of her words.

“Please tell me my dear Macha you now remember how to fight?” She laughed softly as she passed the club to her friend. The tone of her voice picking up the pitch she used when it was behind the mask. “Maybe that’s why they took us … minions of one of Keegan’s kidnappers? Didn’t one have a wife we ran through?” Her tone was a growl as she started to work the arrow notch along the bow string.

Maeve returned her friend‘s awkward hug and warm smile. “I know. And they will be very, very special as well.” In more ways than one.

The smile turned from warm to positively vicious as Jen handed her the club and used her ‘other‘ name. Not her weapon of choice, but… As she tested the weight, Maeve figured it would serve until she found something better. And she‘d use that something better until she found her own sword and dagger. “Oh, aye. I remember quite well,” Maeve almost purred.

She felt herself going through that same dark transformation along with her friend. Maeve’s eyes filled with the promise of violence. She nodded her agreement with Jen’s speculations. “And wasn’t another one the wife’s brother?” The two women had nearly wiped out the entire family. No one touched their kin without paying the price. No one.

Too bad the men who’d taken them didn’t know that. Too late for them now. Maeve motioned to Jen for them to begin her deadly dance.

Jenibelle laughed as she loosed the first arrow straight to its mark on the first man to meet them. The one that said they were nothing really to worry about. Oh how wrong he was. “We spared those that did not touch my son or did not break the code of nature. Any who run now … you’ll have a longer life.” She called out to them as she drew her bow tight again waiting for them to advance again. “The woman and the man you are fighting for … deserved what they got. Her husband knew that well. He was told. Now, either run or meet your fate.” Her eyes seemed to draw into a darker black as with a touch she added flame to the end of her arrow. Just to make sure they knew she wasn’t messing around.

As Jenibelle drew the men’s attention Maeve melted off into the darkness. Her friend might speak of letting the men run… But there was no mercy in Maeve’ heart. Not now. These men had ambushed her and damn near killed her. TWICE. And they’d endangered the woman whom she counted among the most dear to her along with her unborn babes. They nearly cost her everything.


“I told you they’d kill us!” the talkative man wailed.

“Bite your tongue before I cut it out, you bloody disgrace,” snapped the leader of the band at the insubordinate man. “We stand down to no one! Especially not a couple of women!” The bandit shouted at Jenibelle. “Get them!”


Maeve selected her first target carefully; he was a bit further away from the rest of the men and still rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Using the shouting as a cover for the noise she was about to make, she swung at the unsuspecting man’s head with the club and he dropped with a satisfying crush and thud.

Quickly Maeve searched the dead man’s body and managed to procure herself a dull dagger. Amateurs, she thought, very sloppy. It would make her job a bit harder but the dagger was a far cry better than the club.

The rescue party had been riding since before sunset. As light left the world their eyes had adjusted to the darkness. They had seen the campfire from a distance; Saphiro and Bernie both gave indications that they knew who was associated with that campfire. Briscoe quietly reminded the children of their training last winter. "Do not look at the fire directly -- it will blind your night vision. Watch from the corners of your eyes for movements, shadows in the shadows." Both children whispered their understanding as Briscoe slipped off his horse and moved up to join Saphiro and Bernie. He stopped them all at the edge of the clearing and studied the dark camp. Suddenly shouts and screams erupted from the fire area.

"Fire arrows -- that will be our Jenibelle. She's with the horses, naturally. ... The shadow slipping around the other side -- from Saphiro's behavior I would say that one is our Maeve. " He had been whispering to himself and his children, training them always. He spoke louder now as it became apparent they would draw no attention from the camp. "You, my children, are not fighters, but we will at least provide some distraction and disruption." He growled as he dug through Laughter's packs.

"Keegan, Maeve knows you. Take your horse and Bernie and Saphiro to Maeve. Do not get between Maeve and her targets. Your horse and dog are trained for fighting, trust them and let them protect you. Make as much noise as you can, let them think you have an army with you!"

"Bebinn, my little moon. Stick to Balder like a burr. Go to your mother screaming your head off ... you are the moon's banshee tonight! Do not get between Jenibelle and her targets. Your horse is trained for fighting, trust him and let him protect you."

Briscoe kissed each child and hugged each one tightly. He covered Keegan and Bebinn with heavy cloaks. Typically Laughter wore horse bells to announce a trader had arrived in town -- now Briscoe divided the bells between Keegan's mount, Bebinn's mount, and Laughter. When that was done Briscoe drew his sword and saluted his children. Then he poked Laughter in a certain place.

The donkey brayed and ran toward the camp with bells rattling like heavy arms in a troop; Briscoe shouted commands to an imaginary host of attackers as he ran toward the center of the camp with Laughter. Keegan shouted commands to his imaginary host and went to one flank, his horses whinnying, bells crashing, Bernie barking and howling as he ran with them. Bebinn screamed as though she were vengeance herself and went to the other flank, her horse snorting and jangling as his hooves pounded the ground.

Jenibelle sighed slightly before losing her fiery arrow into the first line catching one of the men who charged. Her second arrow grew alight. Maybe it was the unborn she carried but there were parts of her that didn’t want to kill this night. Why couldn’t they just listen … She grumbled to herself as she swiftly pulled another arrow and shot it into the oncoming group. Her steps backing her up into the dense trees hoping to bottle neck the oncoming group. “Fog … come to my call …” She murmured bringing in some interference for herself and some aid to Maeve in the shadows. Her whole body started to ache as much as the adrenaline made her feel alive.

Maeve felt her friend's tension and wondered about it for a moment. Never before had Jenibelle hesitated. She understood her reasoning but that very same reason filled Maeve with a fierce protectiveness and made killing all the easier.

Perhaps she's simply tired of death... Maeve understood that as well. But right now was not the time for insights. Right now they had to get their hands dirty if they wanted to live.

She sent Jenibelle a silent thank you for the cover and used it to her advantage; coming up behind the man cursing at his inability to see in the fog and darkness, she reached around him and gave the man an ear to ear smiley face. The man made a wet gurgling sound and dropped, just as she heard a bowstring twang and another body drop not too far from her.

Her hands felt to the arrows she had left. Three. She better make them work. However she remembered that there were ten men in total and between her and Maeve they had taken down three that she could see. Maybe more if Maeve got another man to fall to the ground. Seven … and three arrows … I need a sword. With a glance to her belly she amended, staff.

With another draw and release she missed the talkative man by a hair grazing his shoulder. With a fierce growl she quickly shot another arrow taking the man beside him down. His large eyes looked at her. Bright blue in the moonlight. “You have a chance to live ….” She told him before pivoting and taking out the loud mouthed leader next to him with a fiery arrow. Thank the gods for the elements. She thought her prayer.

Calling air she pressed back the fog enough to make her outline clear. Maybe only five left … four if he runs. She looked at the man pleadingly. “I’m heavy with child … you would kill the innocent to serve your master ….” The man paused with his indecision as Jenibelle appeared more innocent and vulnerable. It was a lie but one she was willing to use. She didn’t know where the others were.

Another slash and gurgle, another man down. She heard Jenibelle's voice carrying eerily in the fog and knew she had to hurry. Silently Maeve cursed and reached down to search the body laying before her. Ah, a sword. Finally.

"Jen!" The call sounded almost desperate; as if she could not find Jenibelle with the low visibility and needed her. No, she wasn't actually calling to her friend but instead trying to draw the other men to her. Having them grouped together would be easier for her to dispose of them than hunting them down one by one.

Keep him occupied, Jen. We need him. We have to send a messenger to his master.

“What’s your name …” She asked quietly as if she were trying to hide from any more men that might come. Her bow held out in her hands as if for a truce but able to turn into a staff at any point. “We’ll stay civil … please ….” She pleaded again watching the man look around him hesitantly. They others had run into the fog at the call of her name. To them she was the easy one to subdue. And in her condition she was willing to agree with them.

“Sam … Hall … ma’am.” The man licked his lip lightly as if looking like he was about ready to bow his apology to her. “I didn’t want to ma’am … but a man needs ….” He let his words dropped. Jen knew what he was getting at. A hungry man would do many things to keep the belly full. She nodded to him as if she accepted his apology. “I don’t want to die.”

Jenibelle nodded again. “Nor do I, Sam … I want to be there for my children … and their children ….” She pressed again. Though Jen was 26 no one would have seen that she was already a grandmother. But that was how her clan seemed to work. “We’ll just… be peaceful here …. Then get you something to eat … and a warm bed …..”

Maeve heard the men charging toward her at the sound of the distressed call. Well that worked better than I thought... Now if the fog would clear a bit so I can see to fight... And as if it could read her thoughts, that's precisely what it did. My, my. Something that actually listens. Who knew?

Suddenly she found herself surrounded by the remaining five men and the time for speculation was over. That's right. Come get me you murderous thieves. The men didn't even pause as they came toward her. Not just amateur, but stupid too.

With a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other, Maeve slid into that peaceful place in her mind that she went whenever she did this deadly dance. For that's what it was to her. A dance between herself and those five partners. They fell to the ground, one by one, with cries of pain, never to dance again.

One last spin brought the tip of the sword to the exposed underside of a rather young man's chin. Fear made his dark eyes wide as she stared down the tip of his nose at her. "Please..." he whispered at her, mostly because if he opened his mouth too much he'd cut himself on her sword. "Run," Maeve hissed. "Tell your master you have failed here. And that one day, we will come for him too."

The man took one more terrified look at her and pelted into the forest like hell itself was on his heels.

It took a few moments for Maeve to pull herself back from the killing edge, and when she did she became very aware of her much she'd abused her body. Oh great good gods... I am going to pay dearly for this in a little while. But she couldn't succumb yet.

Maeve moved to where Jenibelle stood with the last of the bandits, herself spattered with blood and looking something of a horror. It didn't help matters that the side of her head was still tacky with her own blood.

Jenibelle glanced over at her friend. Even through all the blood she was a sight for sore eyes. Just seeing her she knew that the enemy was down. That thought pressed the adrenaline from her body and allowed it to respond to all that had happened. It was painful.

Her gut tightened and threatened to bring her to the ground. With wide eyes she looked at her sworn sister. It was too early. Though people said that with twins things could happen earlier and earlier it was. “Oh … gods …” She moaned quietly as the bow dropped from her grasp. Her hands moving quickly to her belly.

It was then the jangling brought her attention to the horse that was racing towards them. “Balder?” She tilted her head to the side as she saw her little moon screaming at the top of her lungs. It was with that she fell to the ground.

Torn between the need to help Jenibelle and to keep the apparent deserter covered, Maeve hesitated. Then clanging and shouting sent her adrenaline soaring again until she saw who the shouts were coming from. Seeing Jenibelle’s family coming toward them, fear and anger that she had never known before washed over her; fear because if they’d been only moments sooner… Maeve shuddered. And anger simply because who in their right mind would put the children at that sort of risk? The fear faded and the anger lessened but still remained. Neither would do them good right now and the spare hands could be used.

“Briscoe!” Maeve shouted even as Keegan came to her leading his own small ‘war party’. Saphiro looked worse for wear but stayed on alert, eying the remaining bandit warily.

She felt a swelling of pride seeing her godson; so young and so ready to defend herself and his mother. "Bless you, Keegan… You have a warrior’s soul." Bebinn had broken off her own assault and was now staring at her mother with wide eyes. How was she to know her mother wasn’t hurt, but in labor? Hell and damnation. Briscoe, I am going to give you the tongue-lashing of a lifetime when we are through!"

Maeve turned first to Saphiro, Bernie and Keegan’s horse and then pointed to the bandit. “Guard,” she said. Then she looked to Keegan. “Keegan, love, the fight is over but your mother has gone into early labor. I need you to take your sister and find some pots and bowls, and linens that look moderately clean. Bring the linens to me and then take some of the pots you find to the stream next to the camp and fill them with water.” They needed the water both so Maeve could clean some of the muck off of herself and for Jenibelle as well.

Then Maeve pinned Briscoe with a scathing look, “You, go with them,” she said waspishly. The other beasts seemed to have settled in around Saphiro and his little group, guarding the bandit.

Setting her teeth together and swallowing her anger, she finally knelt down beside her friend. “Jen, we’ve got to get you moved closer to the fire. Can you stand?”

All she could do was breath and look at her friend as she nodded. She could stand if she had help. This was too early. "If you help me I can." She said softly. Her eyes moved over the scene. Keegan was slipping off of Saphiro while Briscoe was helping Bebinn. Everyone was moving so fast. Or she wasn't moving fast enough. Slowly Maeve helped her off the ground and slowly towards the fire. Another contraction hit her. "Oh ....."

With both the children and Briscoe set to work she focused on Jenibelle.

Maeve nodded and knelt down to help her friend to her feet, vaguely away that the still tacky blood covering her was now smearing onto Jenibelle as well. Oh well. It couldn’t be helped. Gently but firmly she wrapped her arm around the other woman’s distended waist and began to guide her to a clean-ish looking bed closer to the dwindling campfire.

But before they got too far, Maeve paused and drilled her emerald gaze into the bandit’s bright blue. “One wrong move from you and what they will do to you will be nothing to what I will do.” And as if he knew exactly what she spoke of, Saphiro pawed the ground a few times to emphasize her point.

When the finally made it to the bedroll, Maeve slowly assisted Jenibelle back down.

Jenibelle sighed as she finally gets down on the bedroll. "I don't think he's going to do anything ...." She looked over her shoulder at the man. "He just ... needs food." Jenibelle looked up at Maeve as she settled in a bit more trying to relax. One hand supporting her as she sat a bit the other hand softly moving over her belly where the suns lay.

Closing her eyes she chose to focus on what was happening in her body. Her hand massaging as her mind sent to calm them to let them know that everything would be all right.

Keegan and Bebinn were quick with their grabs as they came back to the fire side with what was asked of them. Keegan moving with more fluid movements as he sent Bebinn off to relax with Bernie so she didn't have to watch what was going to happen. Briscoe still wasn't back with the water but Keegan tried to help how he could.


Two more boys… I don’t know if Jen is blessed or cursed.

She wasn’t a midwife of any sort and had more or less winged it with Jenibelle’s birth. But as far as she could tell it was a fairly easy and swift one. The two infants seemed more than ready to greet the world. Briscoe, Keegan and Bebinn helped as much as they could through the process, whether that meant saying nothing or helping right there with her. They made a good family.

Maeve took one of the two squirming infant boys, having earlier given the other to Briscoe, and cleaned him as best she could with the limited resources at hand. Carefully she handed the swaddled babe to his mother. The other children crowded around Jenibelle and their new brother.

Quietly Maeve stepped back from the family, letting them share the moment together, and turned her attention to their apparently tame raider. Even during all the excitement she hadn’t completely forgotten the man.

Jenibelle looked at the little boy in her arms. She and Briscoe had come up with the names Connor and Rowan but it seemed not quite the time to name them with her sitting in the middle of the woods on a dirty pallet. A smile spread across her face as she looked into the eyes of her youngest child. He and his brother carried the darker skin and straighter hair of their father. Which was just as precious to her. "Hello ... mo mac." She whispered softly before kissing his head. Then in turn she let Keegan and Bebinn say their hellos. Keegan with a few words and Bebinn in the sounds she welcomed the little boy. Jenibelle was still wary of the man that Maeve was watching. Though she and Briscoe tried to get everyone packed up.

Sam Hall eyed the woman. He didn't know why he stayed and watched the birth. He could have left at any time. But there was something about it that kept his feet planted where he was. "Please donnae be killing me ma'am ... please." He worked on pleading. "I'll do ... anything ... please ....."

Maeve watched from the corner of her eye as Briscoe helped Jenibelle to her feet, expertly dividing his attention between the infant in his arms and his wife with the other in hers. Even after having just given, birth her friend was going to have to ride home. Such a strong woman was Jenibelle. And despite her anger with him, Maeve trusted Briscoe to keep the packing up process in order.

The sound of the man’s pleading voice drew her focus back onto him. “It is not I who spared your life and therefore not my decision. Be thankful,” Maeve replied harshly. She might’ve been ‘healed’ but unfortunately that did nothing for her temper or tolerance. Those were just a part of who she was and nothing would change it.

“Jen,” she called over her shoulder, “What is your wish concerning this one?”

Jenibelle eyed up the man looking at his slight frame as she felt Briscoe and the kids getting things ready to travel home with. "Bring him with us ... I think we can discuss what to do with him when he has a full stomach. He shouldn't be a problem ... will you?" She stated the question more like a command as Sam nodded feverously. She could almost see his stomach yearning for them to get home quicker.

"Thank ye ma'am." He said softly his eyes betraying the guilt of being party to kidnapping the two women. "Thank ye."

Maeve quickly and efficiently patted the man down, removing what weapons he carried and stowing them on her person.

“Keegan? Bring me a good length of rope, lad.”

Keegan nodded and rummaged around a bit, found a good long piece of rope and then brought it to her. Maeve took the rope and proceeded to tie the man’s wrists together in front of his body. From there she tied the other end of the rope to Saphiro’s saddle. That was about as kind hearted for Maeve as it was going to get. The man was part of a group that had tried to kill her twice that day; with her own blood tacky on the side of her face, she knew Jenibelle wouldn’t ask for more.

Once their… Whatever they were calling him… Was secure Maeve made a quick sweep of the bodies in the camp to find her own weapons. And of course they were on who’d seemed to be the leader of the band. Maeve muttered a few choice curses under her breath and belted them on, tossing away the ones she had been using.

Suddenly she was weary and bone tired, and really wanted to be home. She and Jenibelle had much to discuss.

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The Healing of Dian Cecht and the Seeds [1453]
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